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October As a member of the clergy or minister of faith, you may already be aware that the Internal Revenue Service Code applies special tax rules to you. The IRS treats a minister or member of the clergy as a type of hybrid taxpayer – as an employee of the church and a self employed taxpayer. Also, there are certain exclusions to taxable income available to clergy. Navigating these special rules during the annual task of preparing and filing a tax return can be arduous, complicated, and confusing.

As an Enrolled Agent, I am one of “America’s Tax Specialists”, with years of experience on clergy tax issues and preparation. Let me put my specialized knowledge to work for YOU this tax season!

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With Clergy Tax Professionals, you can be assured of

  • Personal attention to your specific tax situation
  • Complete and accurate return preparation
  • Maximize your tax savings to meet your personal stewardship goals

Let us free you from the time-consuming task of tax preparation so you can use your valuable time in ministry!

In addition to federal return preparation, we prepare tax returns for ALL STATES, and offer E-file and Direct Deposit for a seamless and easy experience. We also help you with tax planning for the next year to ensure that you are continuing to save on your taxes.

Additional Valuable Services

  • Filing extensions
  • Amended returns
  • Estimated taxes
  • Problem resolution and representation before the IRS

Take some time to browse my website and see how we can help you save time and money!

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